The Four Paradigms

And Four Perspectives

Work Work Work Work

Ever wondered....Why is it so damn hard to get people to work together in support of change that is of obvious benefit to an organization? Well the first lesson has to do with the word ‘obvious’. What is obvious to you may be entirely lost on me and visa versa.

Something is obvious, whether a thought, a strategy, a conclusion etc., when there has been enough relative experience and learning to leave one, or a group, especially comfortable and secure with whatever the notion. The 'obvious' is a product of your contextual memories, your perspective. If your perspective does not include the essential learning and experience, then the obvious is lost , unshared. What may be comfortably obvious to one can surely be ambiguous and anxiety ridden to another.

From the perspective of someone in Information Management, where technology and systems are changing so rapidly this presents a special challenge. I have attempted to make that point with the following.... Click Here If You're Interested

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