We want to change the world

Think about it - Our world consists of twenty four hours a day, of which at least eight are spent at work, maybe one getting ready for work, and perhaps another one going to and from work, possibly another hour or so grumbling about work and six to eight more resting from one days work in preparation for the next... add it all up and...If you want to change the world well.... maybe work is a good place to start!

The notion that work can be a rewarding, noble, fulfilling experience is no longer just a dream, it is an achievable reality. It requires that individuals examine and understand their organizations, together....Then and in the light of enabling technologies, engineer a new environment. It must be reconstructed on a foundation of commitment and trust and consist of four components - Shared Values - Customer Devotion - Process Focus and Organizational Learning.

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Waste... We view faxes as one of the most insidious forms of waste embedded in organizational processes today. Facsimile technology is so absolutely 'yesterday'. If you Faxes as an integral part of your business process you surely need us.

Think about it..... We take "the bits", lets say a spreadsheet for example and print it, turning the efficient bits into wasteful atoms. We then feed the printed copy into a fax machine which ingests "the atoms" and converts them back to bits sending them to their destination . Then the receiving fax machine /s convert the bits back to atoms once again, Someone then picks up the fax and we are lucky if they merely read it and toss it away. More likely is that copies are made and distributed for all to file and store forever. Please.. if this practice is evident in your organization, call us right away