Worth Writing - Worth Reading?

Ever have to sell your beliefs? Make a case for a project or an idea?

I have, frequently, and occasionally I have had have to make the same argument more then once :-) As a result,  I have read a lot,  written a lot  and saved a lot of material over the years. Some of it, articles, essays and presentations that have had an influence on me or take a position, offer a strategy, present a perspective. I have compiled some of those right here . Hopefully you might find some of it useful. If you don't see what you are looking for, drop me a request. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Change the World - Short piece suggesting if we want to change the world work is a great place to start
Speed Saves... Stability Kills  - Command, control, and compliance stifle speed, agility and innovation
The New Organization - A quick look at the irony and demise of the Hierarchical Organization.

The Science of Motivation - How are people motivated? The answer is surprising & important to your organization.  

Perceptions - An older piece, describing why change can be so difficult in most organizations.  I think I will have to update this... while time and technology has wrought more change, the resulting issue, how we deal with change remains the same.

 Big Fish Lil Fish - The abandonment of structured programming languages and the adoption of OO (object oriented) methodologies spelled the beginning of the end for 'Big Systems'. "The Web"  leveled the playing field and since then "Open Source" continues to blow up a fundamentally flawed business model creating new opportunities and an entirely new ethos for for software development.